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Normal Eye The retina is a delicate lining in the back of the eye where the images Laser treatment is used to stop these blood vessels from growing and reducing the risk of vision loss. Aging Retinal Disease (Macular degeneration)

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Previous eye surgery; genetic predisposition. Cataract Surgery: Treatment cataracts to disappear or stop progressing or to prevent them from forming. bleeding secondary glaucoma retinal detachment loss of vision

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GLAUCOMA SURGERY Surgery for open-angle glaucoma A clear liquid called aqueous humor circulates inside the front portion of the eye. In open angle glaucoma, this liquid does not flow efficiently through the eye’s sponge-like

Glaucoma Laser Surgery: Laser Iridotomy
Glaucoma Laser Surgery: Laser Iridotomy bleeding with laser iridotomy. Depending on your eye and the type of laser used, several to over a hundred laser spots will be applied until a satisfactory opening is made in the iris. During the

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NEED TO STOP WEARING CONTACT LENSES PRIOR TO SURGERY 12. Regardless of the IOL chosen, you may need laser surgery (a YAG capsulotomy) to 15. Since only one eye will undergo surgery at a time, you may experience a period of

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To be aware of following surgery: 1. Bleeding or oozing at the surgical site is fairly common after (timed). If there is still oozing, repeat pressure for another 20 minutes. This will usually stop most postoperative bleeding. If not, please call New England Dermatology & Laser Center

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Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Northern California 3835 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 If this does not stop the bleeding, call the office and ask to speak to the triage nurse or eye doctor on call.

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Laser & Dermatologic Surgery Center 1. A local anesthetic (usually Lidocaine) is and the bleeding to stop. However, it takes the eye. All wounds swell a little. Usually this is not a problem,